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Bag-in-box wine is good for camping and cottaging. A big box of wine reduces shopping trips, saves space at home, and is economical. Dispense the wine from the built-in spout, the bag of wine in the box collapses in on itself, and no air enters. Air is the enemy of wine, causing it to slowly oxidize.

In Ontario, 47, more cases of bag-in-box wines were sold in March over March Bag-in-box wine sales were up 77 per cent in volume in March over March at the LCBO, according to recent stats.

Meanwhile, overall wine sales at the LCBO were up 35 per cent by volume over that same period, which shows the migration to the bag-in-box. Trouble is, the vast majority of bag-in-box wines sold in Ontario are sweet, thin, non-vintage-dated blends of imported and domestic wine sold in four-litre boxes — a much-maligned category called international Canadian blends ICB. In fact, sale of more premium boxed wine was forbidden entirely in Ontario until April But the category has not broadened since then.

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The relatively static nature of that category in Ontario is unfortunate given more premium bag-in-box wine has been booming elsewhere for years. It remains fiercely competitive in other Canadian provinces and throughout the United States. In fact, drinking boxed wine south of the border is now considered smart-casual. So, here we sit now in this pandemic. Boxed wine is a sensible choice for many. And Ontario wine drinkers looking to buy delicious wine in that format at the LCBO have little choice.

This dry, light-bodied white wafts with sliced pear and honeydew melon aromas before rushing over the palate with robust flavours of ripe pear, lime zest, and salt.

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Delicious local white at a reasonable price. Score: Bone-dry and delicate tasting, this wine exudes subtle scents of chalk and lime zest. The entry is smooth and silky — a brisk wash of flavour that suggests salted lemons, wet stones, and cool steel with a touch of green apple lingering on the finish. The wine swirls with suggestions of strawberry jam and bumbleberry pie before tapering to a cranberry-rich finish.

But the sweetness is well-balanced with bright acidity and loads of midpalate goodness. The aromas recall freshly plucked cherries, cassis, and black earth before rushing in with vivid, quenching appeal. The flavours echo the aromas. The weight is medium-bodied. And the texture offers an attractive grip that holds the fruit in place on the finish. This bold blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, and Petite Sirah tastes sun-drenched and sweet-centred with layers of generous flavour and a long, dry finish. Macerated berries, drizzled chocolate, and crushed nuts offer open-handed appeal to those who like this richer style of red wine.

So, go ahead, grab a box of wine and set yourself up to huddle down a little while longer. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved.Forgot your password?

Producer profile: Masseto

It is powerful If concerned that the hot vintage would draw out too many ripe fruit tones, the oak serves to soften some of the more volatile components of the fruit You feel the oak tannins on the finish with toast and vanilla that will certainly shed as the wine ages Drink date: Score - Monica Larner, robertparker.

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masseto wine lcbo

Add to a Favourites List. Sign in or register to access your favourites lists. Create a new favourite list. Please enter a name for your new list: Please enter a name for your new list:.In those days, Sassicaia—a cabernet sauvignon blend—was the king of the Super Tuscan Bolgheri reds, but Antinori wanted Ornellaia to have a point of difference.

Few wines rise to a level where they can leave the mothership and begin another life as a stand-alone label in a dedicated facility, but this year Masseto did just that. Meticulous, thoughtful, understated, and experienced, Heinz has clinically dissected every vineyard block at Ornellaia, ultimately improving each wine by replanting some of the original underperforming vines.

The Masseto site sits some metres above the Tyrrhenian Sea, but the vines easily penetrate the porous blue clay and sandy soils, putting down deep roots into what is essentially an ancient seabed. Like most great vineyards, the gentle slope has a sweet spot, mid-hill, that gives Masseto its remarkable power, concentration, and softness.

It appears that Heinz is comfortable with Masseto moving to a dedicated facility next door to Ornellaia, and one that is all but underground. Behind this idea, we developed all the layout, all the design, and all the details to explain this concept.

As the winery drills into the Masseto hill beneath the vines, it makes the gentle, no-pumping concept of gravity flow a certainty. It will be another less-is-more addition to the Masseto recipe, leaving the great merlot with a texture few of its competitors ever achieve.

The fermentation tanks are unique. Between the barrels, reflection pools provide a Zen-like calming effect to the room and the wine, and likely the perfect humidity to keep the wood conditioned.

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Several interior surfaces are directly exposed to the terroir, giving you a sense of what the vines are working with as they push deep into the hillside. Deeper yet, beneath the first-year barrel cellar, an unassuming concrete wall opens magically to a library of Masseto bottles of all sizes.

As spectacular as the site and winery design are, Masseto is much more than its physical trappings. No sommeliers, no caterers, no intermediaries—only the workers who year-round prune the vines, thin the bunches, drop the fruit, harvest the grapes, and maintain the cellar. It is a beautiful moment in the history of Masseto and one this writer will never forget.

Also amply illustrated at the dinner is the pedigree of Masseto and its ability to age. We tasted three vintages: the incomparableperhaps the most exceptional bottle of merlot I have ever tasted; the ; and the It may have taken 32 years for Masseto to set out on its own, but no wine made anywhere appears better prepared to fly solo. The first vintage produced at the new winery is —the year Eleonora Marconi joined the winemaking team.

Suggesting to our table at dinner that she likes to make merlot along the lines of pinot noir—think full-flavoured but elegant—she fits the role to a T. Half Italian and half Australian, the former Nipozzano Frescobaldi winemaker seems well suited to working with Heinz, who is all about finesse and low intervention. The biggest challenge facing the pair is to make sure that moving to the new winery does not affect the now well-developed Masseto style and taste.

What they will continue to look for are tiny, incremental changes in quality. It only seems appropriate that at Masseto, this means going underground. Photo courtesy of Masseto. View Entire Article. Categories: Autumn Volume 12 Food and Drink. Preview Subscribe.You can access the 66 wines that I reviewed as a text wine list with my complete tasting notes, scores, food matches. If you are a Paid Memberyou can add my wine picks to your custom shopping list with one click and access that list on your smartphone to find the stock for each wine in your closest LCBO store.

You can also see my wine reviews for January 23rd. These are just some of the benefits of supporting out wine community as a Paid Member. Inventory stock numbers are usually posted online a day or two before the release based on the LCBO doing so. Curious about what my scores mean or my tasting process? Find out her e. You must be logged in to post a comment. About Contact Account. Welcome Back! Sign in here:. Remember Me. Not Registered? Still need to become one of our thirsty clanstrong?

Now's your chance! Register Today! You can also see my wine reviews for January 23rd These are just some of the benefits of supporting out wine community as a Paid Member. Best Wines. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. All Rights Reserved.The key is in the individuality of the terroir, explains Stephen Brook Tearing away at the hill has revealed the blue-grey clay soils that give Masseto its typicity.

Now the Frescobaldis, owners of Masseto, want to consolidate that identity by giving this all-Merlot wine its own production facility and cellar.

Until now Masseto has been a wine in the embrace of its neighbour Ornellaia. Both were created in the s by Lodovico Antinori. Ornellaia was the first project, and its first vintage was Until that time the Tuscan Coast was not known for prestigious wines. There was one major exception: Sassicaia.

This too had begun as a private estate, essentially supplying the Bordeaux-style wine its owner enjoyed drinking. It was only after several years that the wine received a commercial distribution from the ubiquitous Antinori family. Antinori was reluctant at first, as Merlot was largely an unknown quantity in Tuscany, other than some plantings at Castello di Ama in Chianti Classico, a very different region from the Tuscan Coast. Moreover, the benchmark wine in Bolgheri was Sassicaia, which never included Merlot in the blend.

Most of the vineyard was planted inand the remainder, in the lower sector, inalthough there has been some more recent replanting too. Nobody knows the origin of the plants, which came from an Italian nursery. It soon became apparent that Masseto was a fine and distinctive wine in its own right. It attracted the attention of Italian collectors undaunted by its high price.

masseto wine lcbo

As its reputation spread, so did its circle of buyers. From the outset, Masseto was released at a higher price than Ornellaia itself. With a German father, a French mother and solid experience in Bordeaux, Heinz is every inch the cosmopolitan winemaker — thoughtful but confident, relaxed but far from complacent. But its clay soils, which are easily compacted, make different demands and can be difficult to work with.

Another change has been the introduction from of bush vines. And sinceMasseto has been farmed organically. Despite the small size of the vineyard, the harvest can take up to three weeks — but not always: the vintage lasted a mere five days.Replies sorted oldest to newest.

Skip to main content. LCBO Auction is back!!! W winebeagle Member. First online auction on Nov Fine Wine Auction Dec Original Post. M machine Member. That doesn't leave much time for collecting lots to sell.

Probably still more lucrative to ship to the US to sell at auction, given the exchange rate. W winecanuck Member. Big news! Also surprised that the first auction is so soon. I imagine they've already been working with some of the larger collectors on collecting lots. Maybe they can move more quickly now that they seem to have more autonomy from the LCBO. Agreed that there's still no way I'll consign with them. The USD exchange rate is too good right now and the big US auction houses sell through rates are also much better.

V vincentric Member. Irongate sent out a newsletter with some info on this. Fees will continue to be hefty, no surprise, so it may still be better to look to other options for those looking to sell. Want to buy DRC? Will be interesting to see if there are any deals on the buy side with Waddingtons. The hammer prices seemed to get sillier and sillier IIRC before they shut it down before, even on the online auctions which were a bit more moderate at first.

I'm hoping the interface for waddington's improves. Ranger pushes through some lots so fast that I couldn't get a bid in or it wasn't registered fast enough by their spotty online bidding Also, for some lots were passed with no bids, my bid still didn't get registered, and even though I was listening to the live auction and the lot clearly didn't sell, the email I immediately sent to say "I tried to bid at the reserve and this lot was passed on the floor" got a reply of "this lot was sold".

Any advice on whether I should put that on the online auction? Or the real one? Originally posted by Wine Canuck: quote:. Originally posted by Machine: quote:. S 7smcb Member. Originally posted by VinCentric: quote:. L laker Member. PM your email. I like to buy some from you if anything interesting. I am in Mississauga as well. Originally posted by Wine Beagle: quote:. H HY Member. Do they serve wine and cheese? Originally posted by laker PM your email.This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only.

This time of year, a lot of people are watching their sugar intake. First some basics. Wine is obviously made from grape juice that has been converted into wine through fermentation. Fermentation happens when yeast consumes that naturally occurring grape sugar, leaving behind alcohol.

The latter may still actually taste quite dry if the acidity is high. Even some bold red wines can seem dry despite containing a whack of sugar. The other structural components can give that impression. Our provincial liquor giant notes on its website the sugar level for every wine it sells. Just go to LCBO. With that out of the way, here are some wines in a range of styles with very low levels of sugar, starting with a sparkling wine from Ontario. This traditional method sparkling made from Chardonnay is threaded with tiny bubbles that form a fine mousse around the rim of the glass.

The aromas suggest almond paste and butter pastry with a touch of lemon zest.

Masseto 2001 Wine Review

The entry is brisk and dry with an immediately mouthwatering attack. The fruit is understated, pure, and tapers to a long finish of dry-roasted almonds, wet stones and orange zest. Just a delight! Score: From the Alentejo region of Portugal comes the J.

Made from two Portuguese grape varieties —Rabo de Ovelha and Roupeiro — this lively white delivers outstanding value for money. Then it glides over the palate all glossy and cool with flavours of lime laced with brine and an attractively bitter twist that scrapes the palate clean.

It opens with the most captivating fragrance of muddled blackberries with a touch of licorice and black earth. Flavours suggest blackberries again as well as black plums and black cherries layered with earthier notes and black and white pepper.

The wine draws you in with heady aromas of cassis and cocoa powder before erupting on the palate with a bold hit of robust flavour.